Keep Your Garden & Grounds Pristine.

Are you sick of those unsightly weeds, unruly edges, and overgrown grass? We do the dirty work so you don’t have to. 

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Do You Struggle to Maintain Your Grounds or Garden?

Whether you’re a homeowner or business, keeping up with your landscaping takes so much time and effort. Lawn mowing, spreading mulch, raking leaves, planting— it’s never-ending!

Or, maybe you have hired someone to do it for you, but they don’t answer the phone. Or they don’t show up on schedule. Or they can’t help during every season. You deserve better.

Wouldn’t you rather spend time doing what you love instead of hassling with landscape chores?

Lawn Maintenance

Cutting, Collection, Fertilising, Weed control, Strimming

Hard Surface Maintenance

Sweeping Kerblines, Blowing Works Arising, Weed Control, Moss Control

Shrub Maintenance

Pruning, Hedgecutting, Fertilising, Weed control, Strimming Edges

Other Items

Litter Collection, Other Works Arising as Needed

We, as professional's, understand the importance of a respectable and kept garden. We understand that an unruly garden causes distress and can reflect badly on the client.

We have a proven track record of delivering work to a consistently high standard and our clients can speak to that. We currently manage an array of residential and commercial properties spanning the greater Dublin region.

We work with our clients to help develop a tailor-made solution, specific to our clients needs and what is suitable for the grounds and space available.

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A Lot of Experience in the Field

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